Ode to #100DaysOfTees

A few months ago, friend and co-Cape Town-creative, Ben Rausch set out to achieve his goal of wearing 40 different shirts for the upcoming 40 days. Each new day would herald a new Instagram post sporting Ben in a fantastic new shirt and before anyone knew it, fans were born. Many of us scoured our social media screens for our daily dose of casual-wear extraordinaire draped upon our resident keytar wielding, record Djing, music video animating, game creating, comic book illustrating, night owl cat owner that is the man behind Cool Your Jets.

As the 40th day of Ben’s adventure drew nearer, shirts started being sent to him from far and wide and soon enough there was motivation for him to up the ante and try reach the big three digits… We made it through the 50’s. 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with wide eyes and as 90 dawned I realised that I really wanted to create a fun token of appreciation for everyone who drove this and to highlight the awesome that is Ben. I daydreamed my way to realising that this simply had to be an excuse to try a stop motion video, messaged Ben who jumped on board immediately and the product is this short and sweet montage of Ben’s full range of tees in the nature habitat of the home office he wore them in. I’ve always enjoyed stop motion as an artistic practice and this seemed like a brilliant excuse to do it. I love being reminded that video is always just 24 photographs per second and stop motion really tangibly displays the elements of construction in video. Furthermore, something like changing Ben’s t-shirt twice every second is only really something that becomes effective when making it with this style of media.

In true collaboration style, we had a wonderful time mixing photography, animation, wardrobe changes and the melodic track from the home-grown kaleidoscope sounds of electronic indie synth pop that is Hello Beautiful (with whom Ben played his keytar over the last weekend of #100DaysOfTees). The process of shooting was fun and Ben and I spent an hour or two making micro movements around the house and carrying piles of highly organised t-shirts with us. Sir Jeffers would not cease following around our shooting and was bustled into the video in the role of teleporting cat. I think we all came out of the day feeling pretty pleased with the way that life is going.

These small projects that we do just for fun often serve as the evidence that variation and new creativity is always an option and can easily  be found in collaborations and challenges that we set for ourselves. I can only make the highest recommendation for grabbing a friend and just trying out small creative experiments where you play with new styles and productively procrastinate to remind yourself that even if it’s your job, it can always still be surprising and awesome.

So, without further adieu, please marvel in the magic of the full #100DaysOfTees:

#100DaysOfTees Stop Motion Animation