6th AASR Conference: Religion and Ecology

The end of last week took me upon my first academic whirlwind adventure as I attended the 6th AASR conference around Religion and Ecology in Africa and the African Diaspora. Aside from offering me the opportunity to present my own research for the first time, this conference also connected me with some wonderfully like-minded people from across the globe.

Most notable, at least in my mind, is Bron Taylor; a man who has coined the term “Dark Green Religion” and written books on everything from Avatar to surfing. A brilliant mind with a soft soul left me inspired to pursue my academic goals and do something for the greater good.

There were however, many other recognizable faces and names with sharp intellect and fascinating research. I am going to be reading through my notes from all these talks for weeks in hope that I will absorb just a fraction of everything that I heard.

Now blooms travel opportunities, journal publications and cross-continental friendly faces. My, oh my, what the future could hold.

Please view the album from the opening dinner here.