Bio, Resume & Skills

Born in 1990, I was raised in the spuriously idyllic suburbia of Cape Town, in the newly democratic South Africa. Television was the hearth of our family, and this ubiquitous media exposure helped me to realise at a young age that visual communication and media creation were fields I needed to pursue an adult.

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in film & media production from the University of Cape Town, I spent four years working in South Africa as both a contract and freelance writer, cinematographer and editor on a multitude of commercial, corporate and documentary video productions.

In the last three years I’ve used my training and expertise in education and learning strategies to travel around China and Thailand whilst working as an English teacher in various school settings and cultural and socioeconomic environments.

I’ve gained a lot from these teaching and travelling experiences, Yet my vocation for creating both aesthetic and meaningful media content is inescapable; so in the next few months I’ll be concluding my time spent in Asia as a teacher, and I’ll be returning to the enthralling industry of professional video production.